On the federal level, UCANE, under the umbrella of the National Utility Contractors’ Association based in Washington D.C., successfully supported the passage of the Nation’s first true environmental program, the Clean Water Act of 1974. For the past 25 years, this act through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) construction grants program distributed nearly $100 billion to assist states in modernizing their water treatment and sewer distribution systems. While replaced in the early 1990?s by the State Revolving Loan Fund Programs (SRF), the Clean Water Act has recently received bipartisan support for reenactment.

UCANE, along with other major environmental, utility, construction, and grass roots organizations and with the support of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is intensely lobbying for the return of government leadership and the infusion of federal funds to rebuild our country’s decaying underground infrastructure.

On the state level, over the past four decades, UCANE successfully lobbied legislators to fund improvements to underground water and utility systems through the issuance of state bonds. UCANE was also instrumental in establishing the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) to oversee the clean up of Boston Harbor and the modernization of water and sewer systems in the nearly 60 cities and towns in the greater Boston area.

Today, UCANE’s main effort is directed towards procuring full funding of the State Revolving Loan Fund (SRF) and rescheduling the construction of hundreds of local water and sewer projects that have been delayed or postponed indefinitely because of the lack of funding. UCANE educates our residents, business leaders, and elected officials about our region’s need for modern clean water and drinking water distribution systems through our monthly publication, CONSTRUCTION OUTLOOK Magazine, our newsletters, and our seminars.